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From all over Palestine we gathered, having our thoughts and point of views that unite us in spite of the 
distance. Our blog expresses our ambitions and dreams in changing the Palestinian reality to reach a new future.
After a short training organized in Bethlehem by the NGO TAM, "Women Media and Development", with the support of the French development agency CFI, we launched An-Nathra ("the view") in November 2009, a blog dedicated to Palestinian actuality.
Made by women, An-Nathra intends to inform its readers originally: it will display our women's view on social matters, our Palestinian view on local issues and our journalistic view on information.

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Our partners

For twenty years, CFI has contributed to the development of independent media in the South by working with media regulatory bodies and nurturing professionalism among journalists.
CFI has made the creation of An-Nathra blog possible, by raising funds and providing logistic support as well as the expertise of professionnals.
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TAM, « Tanmiyet wa iAâlam al Mar’ah' », is a palestinian nongovernmental organization dedicated to women empowerment.
Created in 2004 by women activists and journalists, TAM aims to compensate the lack of gender concerns in information and change the image of women carried through media.
More about TAM
Rue89 is a French information and debate website, independant and participative.

Its ambition ? Invent a media that marries professionnal journalism and web culture. Rue89 deals with all topics that make public talk and debate, in all domains, from politics to sports, through new technologies, culture or environment.
A new adventure, started 2007, in the heart of the ongoing information revolution.

Rue89's journalist Marie-Sophie Keller and computer specialist Sébastien Foll brought their expertize to help the An-nathra team conceive and develop their website in November 2009.
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