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ديسمبر 28، 2009

In Hebron 27 Settlements- the wall charges 55 thousand Acres

 The Ibrahimi mosque
Hebron governorate is considered to be the second holiest after Jerusalem. The Ibrahimi mosque is located in Hebron.
The mosque is surrounded by a huge wall which is considered to be the most significant Palestinian and Arab heritage.The mountains of Hebron Governorate are the longest and highest in Palestine. The mountains are no less than 900 meters below sea level.

An area of 997 km ² ,Hebron's inhabitants are about 552,000 persons according to the General Census of Population, housing and facilities for the year 2007,
 Maskobia church in hebron  - wikipediareserve in Hebron Al-Maskoubia Church: it is located in the garden of the Greek orthodox in the western side of the city. It was build at the beginning of the last century and it is the only place for the Christians in the city. Its surface is about 600 square 4 meters and built by stone in a piece of land of  70 dunums. It looks like a cross.

Hebron Governor, Dr. Hussein Al Araj, insured that the situation in Hebron governorate requires serious international attention and demand that a political solution must be achieved to eliminate the suffering of peopl , specially in the old city of Hebron. The Governor indicated that the settlement expansion, building the separation wall, spreading checkpoints, and closures will push for more violence and will not at all contribute to peace .He also made it clear that Israel creates excuses in order not to implement agreements reached with the Palestinian National Authority, specially with regards to the security demands of the Road Map Agreement.

 Hebron Governor with french consul general- Samya wazwazSettlements: Situation in Hebron Governorate is no less dangerous than the situation of Jerusalem

The governor Al Araj assured that the situation in Hebron is not less dangerous than the situation in Jerusalem and that the Israeli settlements surrounds Hebron Governorate from four directions where 27 Israeli settlements occupies 8 square Km from Hebron land. There are also 26 settlements centers where 18,000 settlers live among which there are 530 settlers in the old city of Hebron. These settlers live in four colonial nuclei inside Hebron city: Tel Ar Rumayda, Abraham Avino, Beit Hadasa, and Beit Romano as well as 2 other settlements surrounding the Abraham Mosque. Al Araj pointed out also to the repeated attacks by Jewish settlers on the Arab and Islamic cultural, historical, and religious cites and the settlers attempt to change features of the old city and Abraham Mosque with out regard to International Agreements in addition to their continued attacks on Palestinian farmers and sheep herders in the vicinity of settlements and the prevention of Palestinian citizens from living their ordinary life.

The Separation Wall: Occupying 270,000 Hectare(55,000 Dunom) from Hebron Governorate
 apartheid wall-flickr- by nagillum
The Governor spoke of the separation wall saying that it extends to 75 Km in Hebron Governorate covering 55 ,000 dunoms of agricultural and grazing land containing water resources. The separation wall starts from the village of Jabaa in the Northeast of Hebron ending close to the Dead Sea passing through the land of Jabaa, Sureif, Idna,Tarqumia, Nuba, kharas, Dersamit, Beit Awwa, Sikka, the lower and upper Deir Alasal, the lower and upper Beit Elroush, Beit mersim, Alburj, Alramadeen, Aldaheriyah, Al Samou, Yetta, Hadalin Beduin and Masafer yetta. The Governor pointed out that the separation wall in Hebron governorate consist of two parts: The first part surrounds the following Jewish settlements: Carmet Sour,Kiryat Arba, Kharsina, Talim, Adora, and Ibni Hafer. The second part surrounds Hebron Governorate.

Israeli military checkpoints and by-pass roads
 check point-old city in hebron-by perfect dayjosep-flickr Dr.Alaraj demanded that international community, the Quartet, European Union do pressure Israel to stop its daily aggression and the humiliation of Palestinians at checkpoints at entrances of Hebron Governorate and inside the city and in neighboring villages. The number of checkpoints increased from 7 to 32 inside Hebron City and 39 checkpoints separating the city of Hebron from neighboring villages. There are also 24 military outposts, 14 closed military gates, 15 open military gates, 24 dirt and cement road blocks. The Governor added that bypass roads occupy 3% of Governorate land extending 117.1 Km dividing the governorate to six main parts. The negative impact of these bypass roads is represented in the prevention of Palestinians from building along side the roads no less than 150 m from these roads.

 closed shops in the old city of hebron-by Betamaxdoctrinaire-flickr   The economic situation:Unemployment and poverty rate in Hebron Governorate are the highest in Palestine
The governor made it clear that Hebron Governorate is of special economic importance saying that the governorate makes 50 % Palestinian national economy. The economy of Hebron has been affected by occupation forces practices like closures, military checkpoints, separation wall, expropriating land and others measures contributing to the rise of unemployment and poverty rate in the governorate to become 30%, the highest unemployment rate in Palestine. These Israeli measures have lead to the closure of commercial stores, collapse of industries, increasing production costs, weakening the competitiveness of Palestinian products and services locally and internationally, and the migration of Palestinian capital According to the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy there were 1610 shops licensed in H2 before September 2000.Currently ,more than 1000 shops are closed ,one third of which by military orders. Al Araj finally pointed out that Hebron Governorate has been known for shoe and leather industry ,stone and marble queries besides food industry and gold craft.

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*photo: Ibrahimi mosque(flickr),Maskobia church(wikipedia),Hebron governor with french consul general(samya wazwaz),Apartheid wall(flickr),Check point in old city of Hebron(flickr),Closed shops in the old city of Hebron(fliker).

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