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ديسمبر 31، 2009

Discrimination through the license plate

Taxis in Bethlehem - hoyasmeg/flickr
After May 1994 Palestinian Authority launched to take its role in terms of laws and legislation, which initiated the deployment of laws such as traffic laws in terms of making new license plates for our own cars. This our new license plates made to be easy for us to be distinguished.
Private Palestinian vehicle-Wikipedia  
The Palestinian territories require their residents to register their motor vehicles and display vehicle registration plates. On the right side is the Latin letter "P" for "Palestine"; above that, the Arabic letter "ف" for "Filistin". On earlier versions, the situation was reverse. Private vehicles carry white number plates with green numbers. The numbers have seven digits, the first shows the district of the registration.

Public Palestinian Vehicle -wikipediaVehicles serving the public transports (taxis, shared taxis and buses) have green plates with white numbers.

Government Palestinian vehicle plate - wikipedia Vehicles belonging to the Palestinian Autonomy Authority use white number plates with red numbers. Those are officials' cars, ambulances, fire brigade police and special police (military).

 israeli license plate - woody1778a/FlickrThe standard Israeli-issued license plate for cars owned by Israeli citizens is yellow. This includes everyone with an ID card saying that they are an Israeli citizen, i.e. Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs. The yellow plates are also issued to Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, considered by Israel to be part of its territory and by Palestinians to be part of the West Bank living in Israel.

Israeli police registration plate - wikipedia  Police registration plates are rectangular with red background and embossed with white registration number. Police registration numbers consist of the letter Mem (מ), representing the word "Mishtara" (police) and the number, which is issued according to the seniority of the car holder.

Its not allowed for the Palestinian vehicles to drive on the Israeli roads and this is for Israelis safety, and its forbidden for Israelis cars to drive on the Palestinian roads, Israelis on checkpoints prevent any Israeli to drive by his car to the Palestinian roads. but its not forbidden for the Israeli Arabs to enter Palestine by their cars. Israeli car plate well known in the Palestinian places, as the Israeli police prevent Palestinians to enter Israel by their cars, the Palestinian police knows the yellow plates and just ask for their car's License and insurance.

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