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ديسمبر 21، 2009

Palestinian and Arab voices in the French streets

 Marcel Khalife

 "I and Shady sang together, played with snow rode the air, wrote on rocks little stories and the air swing us".
That’s how the Moroccan singer “Nazehah Moftah” began to sing, to take us away, where she’s flying.
She started singing while she was young , and then moved to France to pursue her career to be a professional, as she recorded tape with the title "Endefa’a" which mean “Surge”, which was composed by a young Palestinian musician "Ahmed Dare".
It is worth mentioning that the Moroccan artist sang in varied colors of music, saying, "I sing for Marcel Khalife, Fairouz, Ahmad Qaabur, and Al-Asheqen band too”. Especially with songs that told a story about the Palestinian cause.

When I asked for a fair view of the Palestinian people said: "It's the people he has gloriously and pride and dignity and has a high proportion of intelligence, through my reading and my relationships I feel that the Palestinian people's hero, and I do support the case in every way I can, I support them through the song, while the events in Gaza, we offered a full featured of 30 artists who sing in the" Institute the Arab world ". 

And she added: "We believe that the Palestinian cause is a just cause will triumph in the end, this greeting to the people and I hope we meet in the opportunity to sing close to the land of Palestine, and this is a very precious wish". And the Arabic music remains in the case of the evolution and constant change, where in the years of the fifties and sixties to the borders of the eighties it focused on the kind of good music as more research and study, diligence, and are scattered in the halls of Paris, such as: Percy Hall, Zenith, and the Institute of the Arab world, that makes it circulation and we hear it constantly, we find tapes are sold in music markets, and is worth mentioning that the Palestinian song is sang in these halls and there was great enthusiasm by the public to the extent that the public halls were filled with not enough seats and this shows a great love of the French people to hear the music of Palestine and Palestinian musicians who they played and sang in these halls, Marcel Khalife, Triple Gibran, Camelia Gibran, Rim Banna, and others. Already on this 

earth, lady land ,what worth to live.

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* Photo: Portrait of Marcel Khalife

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