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نوفمبر 14، 2009

The Palestinian kuffiyeh made by Israel

Palestinian Kaffiyeh
The Palestinian scarf "kuffiyeh" black and white reflect the simplicity of peasant life in the villages of Palestine, as the colors for the clothes for farmers out there are different colors than the life in the city and differentiated from each other.
Palestinian kuffiyeh became a symbol of the world to break the constraints and rebellion against injustice, especially as the martyr leader Yasser Arafat awarded a special elegance, where the engineering way above his head close to the map of Palestine. now the scarf associated with Palestine and Abu Ammar.

In this difficult time through which the Palestinian issue in the darkest circumstances in the light of the divisions and violence of occupation in all forms, Israel saw to target the kaffiyeh over dumping markets with different and multiple colors including blue, green, yellow, red, and others, aimed at insulting the national symbol by calling Palestinian youth to consider it as a fashion scarf, not a national symbol cherished by the national and moral value.

 Kaffiyeh made by Israel

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