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يناير 03، 2010

Colonists spread fear among children and women

Kefel Hares- Google
Kefel Hares is a Village away about five kilometers to the north of Salfit city and surrounded by the villages Deir Estia, Qira, Hares, Zeta, Jama'een, and Mardah, and there is in Kefel Hares religious,
and historical raised, such as the graves of the prophets Thol-Kefel, Tho-Nun, and Joshua son of Nun, and the Tomb of Elisha, daughters of the prophet Jacob, and a ruin known as Khirbet Deir Bigal.

The Jewish Zionist Colonists Claimed that these effects are their own places of worship, which made them enter the village every Thursday from eight in the evening until dawn under the pretext of worship and prayer.

“ They don’t mind to disturb the people of the village through popping and cracking of some cars in the streets and roads, and knocking on the doors of the villager’s houses, and breaking everything in front of them spreading terror and fear among women and children of the village”, that is what some women of the village said.

Also, the army shut down the village and imposed a curfew from 12:00 pm do not allow entering or exiting. On Saturday, 26.12.2009 , 32 thousand Colonists decided to enter the village under the pretext of worship at the invitation of the Colonists council, " Council of Religious Rabbis ". What provoked the feelings of the people of the village to get out of homes into the streets to prevent them from entering, with the political forces of the province and outside, the headed by the Governor of Salfit Mr. Munir Abboushi and Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, the people of the village Announced wide strike from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, and an open sit-in until 2:00 am.The residents uniting with national political forces successfully prevented extremist Colonists to enter the village, where the Israeli army as usual tried to prepare the entering of the colonists, but the steadfastness of the people, refusing to obey the orders of the occupier frightened them back in panic of the number of villagers, they settled for the owners of right, the right strengthens its owner, even if unarmed.

 Israeli soldiers between the olive trees in Kefel Hares- Jilly lovesdurhans/flickr

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photos :
* First photo for Settlers in Kefel Hares- Google.
* Second photo for Israeli soldiers between the olive trees in Kefel Hares- jilly lovesdurhans/ flickr.

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