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يناير 05، 2010

What about Arabic Press in France

Paris the capital of France was considered to be one of the most European capitals that publish Arabic newspapers, “In the 1980s Paris was regarded almost as the capital of the Arab press”. The Rise and Fall of the Arab Press.
Many Arabic newspapers were published in Paris, like: Alwatan Alarabi, Al-Mustaqbal and many other magazines such as Alfursan and al-muharrer. The cause of this big number may be due to the Lebanese who moved to Paris because of the civil war in Lebanon 1975, and also Arabs from Moroco, whom there number reaches seven millions. Nowadays, Paris still has some Arabic media such as Radio Orient and France24 which broadcasts in three languages, French, English and Arabic.

France 24 in Arabic is an independent channel that broadcast its special programs and news. It contains many Arab journalists from different nationalities. It broadcasts for ten hours, and will be broadcasting for twenty hours a day. An-nathra has this interview with the Editor of the Arabic section Miechel al-Kiek.

About the freedom of the press, Kiek says "this is what makes us different", he believes that some stations may be controlled by some tastes and political, religious or economical parties. "However, for Europe we as journalists have a great deal of freedom, which the Arab countries don’t have. France, in particular, is known for its democracy. There is no “taboo” and this let us be more free and able to tackle some topics related to religion, sex, and politics, which is difficult to talk about in the Middle East.

Another journalist from radio orient who doesn't want his name to be mentioned, says that freedom in any where will be limited, journalist in general are controlled by the station they work in. “However, we don't deny that press in Europe is more free than it is in Arabic countries”. He adds that journalists should be objective as much as they can, whatever their nationalists are, so they could be more convincing.

Suha Sibany a Palestinian journalist, editor and programs presenter in France 24 believes that Arabic language is very important in the European media because “we need Arabic media to tell people about the events that happen in the Middle East, since we have a lot of Arab people living here”. She adds “many people here don’t have the real picture about The Palestinian and Iraqi cases, so our duty as Arabs Journalist to reveal the truth and to give them right information”.
French stations that broadcast in Arabic stay in constant motion to transfer the reality of the lives of Arabs in France and the Arab countries, and to show the true image of Arabs in a world dominated by a small policy of globalization.
*The first photo shows a TV that broadcasts in Arabic in France 24/ the Arabic channel.
*The Second photo is for the Palestinian journalists Suha Sibany.

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