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مارس 24، 2010

Incapacitated Marriage

  Seems peaceful, quiet, and laughing, all those who see him do not think that he holds such violence, more than thirty years of his age, but his mind as his wife said:
" do not exceed ten years", He gets everything he want trough shouting and violence, she was his first wife, she was related to him and they had many problems, where he tried to beat her, but she stopped him and got separated from him. And after a not long period his mother make him marry a girl from the neighboring village, who lived in the same cycle of violence, his family tried to pressure on the girl and her family to make her stay with her husband, even though they know what violence he was committing against her.

 When I spoke with her, she said -tears welling in her eyes-:
"I didn’t marry him alone, I married his family with him, but I didn’t know the reality of mental retardation they had , since they told my parents that he has a heavy (filthy) tongue, but also a heavy hand, he always screams when he’s angry, and destroy everything in the house, and try to beat me, he goes to work in the morning and talk with his friends about what going on at home, telling them about our sexual life, and sometimes tempted and invites them to sleep with me, he is sick mentally, sometimes I do not blame him, but I blame his family who lied to me, and I blame myself because I agreed to marry him".
It is worth mentioning that the wife did not want to mention her name, she asked for divorce from her husband and I came to, "the Women's Association for Life" to support her. This issue is really tragic, Islam set conditions for marriage, and the most important of these conditions is to be balanced mentally, how come this incompetent marriage happen?What are the reasons that drive the parents to accept this situation for their daughter? And what force the girl to live such life?
The most important question is ”if the girl wasn’t balanced mentally, will the wise man accept to marry her!?
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