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نوفمبر 29، 2010

Would I be waiting a long time as my Grandfather did?

Written by: Lulu Hindi

"In the middle of the house I stood, meditating the stones and angles, I was assuring my place that I’m not going far away, I will stay. Last look to everything, I locked the door and left. A voice was calling me; it was the same familiar soft voice. I had always used to hear it every morning; it was full of hope and happiness. Unluckily, the voice was full of sadness in that moment; I looked over to see my beautiful green tree and then remembered what she had given me through years. My tree, my delicious oranges!
As she was begging me: “stay please, whom for you’re leaving me? Who else can be tender-hearted as you are? Whom could I depend on when I’m heavy?”. I tried to comfort her: “My beloved tree, this is Palestine and that is Palestine, I’m not going far away and I will be coming soon after this hateful war ends”.

I didn’t recognize that this would be the last conversation to have with my precious beloved tree, nor did I know that it was the last time to see her. The last time to see my home and spend life in my farm.. You’ve become a very far dream to achieve.”

 That was what my grandfather said, when I asked him about our faraway village and why he left it, why he’s carrying yellow old pages with him.. I knew later that those papers were the right that won’t be lost. I kept them with me after the death of my Grandfather and have always taken care of them, so that when I come back to our village I prove that this house is ours!

My Grandfather has inherited me papers and a dream, had he inherited me with “waiting” also? Or could I be back home again?
Oh Jaffa .. My far dream !

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