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ديسمبر 19، 2009

Arabic music comfort on French soil

 سيرين بن موسى في معهد العالم العربي

With eyes upward towards the dream has always loved longed to achieve, with a Tunisian dress overlapped by the beautiful decorations, between the turquoise and orange, there is a ladder on which she stepped up with her dream just like her melodies rose of the lute, Serine ben Moussa is one of the Tunisian singers who provide music in cabbage and aroused Andalusia that take the Arab public in Paris on a trip to the homeland, in addition to impact and attract to the French public.

This was confirmed by Serine in her interview "I feel more comfortable when i sing in France, I have the ability to sing any song without objection by the public, the French public attend to listen and to pleasure, and the French public has a good musical ear, and the love of knowledge and learn about the culture of others. And let’s not forget the Immigrant Arab public, who have longed for the homeland so they listen eagerly to this music. "

"It is worth mentioning that when I attended this concert, there was a large number of French public, the Arab, and from other countries in the world", and there was a large attraction to music while she playing her melodies, and to charm the public with her beautiful voice and makes them wander in a fantasy world, and so the Arabic singer was able to charm and attract the hearts with her voice’s beauty.

There is another singer who sang the Arabian song with its originality, the artist "Nazeha Moftah" as she sang the song of Morocco, which helped in the spread of Arabic music in France.
Still, the Arabic music in Paris, faces a big challenge in which it’ll need uniqueness and power to prove itself, and spread among the largest possible number of French and foreign public, And it is able to prove itself because of its originality.

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* Band Photo for Serene Ben Moussa at the Institute of the Arab world / Maysa Assi

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