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يناير 04، 2010

Magnetic Card or Go back home

Israeli checkpoint -Paolo Cuttitta palestine/flickr
Permission has a lot of meanings, it means in the first term "Something written by authority to allow you to do something". Permit card or Magnetic Card -as we know it in Palestine- has different meanings,
it is a card done by Israel for the Palestinians to allow them to enter Israeli places or Jerusalem. it is new strategy done by the Jewish, to ensure that all Palestinians passengers on the checkpoints are not threaten the Israelis security.

It is not only a Card, it is a new strategy to enable the Israelis to control the region, it  published racism and fear among the people, as it bearing the name and identification number for the person who will cross the Israeli checkpoint, and this card provides all the information requested by the soldiers at the checkpoint, if you are not a political activist, then you will have the right to have one and to visit Jerusalem, but if you are a political activist you will be required to the Israeli court, then you will be judged not to possess this card and not to visit Jerusalem, but after being arrested. This card is to control the Palestinians. To be sorted if you are not a politically activist from the others who are required for the Israeli soldiers . And sorting between the inherent Palestinian from the Palestinian who holds another passport.

Magnetic Israeli identity badges- Enass/an-nathra 31 dec 2009 Noura Abu Aa'hour, a Palestinian Girl barely visited Jerusalem twice said: "when somebody asks me about the Magnetic card, i imagine that this card means that i am a politically clean person and it will be good for me to enter Jerusalem when i get it from Israel."

H.S another Palestinian girl said: "Because they have new strategies from time to time on the checkpoints, and because they have to make sure from our fingerprints for the Magnetic card, they sent me back home, they said they can't recognize my fingerprints because my fingers are sweating" She was talking about this incident that hurt her, saying H.S : "When i got the permission to go to Jerusalem in Christmas, i took the opportunity to go with friend of mine who has American ID, i thought we will have fun together, but when we arrived to the checkpoint, they told me that i can't pass by when her friend already passed before her, all this because her fingerprint was sweating and she has Palestinian ID", then her friend decided to turn back to Bethlehem with H.S wondering when they will be able to visit Jerusalem again.

Magnetic Israeli identity badges- Enass/an-nathra 31 dec 2009H.S mentioned some incidents when the soldiers on the checkpoints were treating her and her friends in a bad way, she said that the discrimination was the soldiers first goal, to separate the people apart, to separate between Christians and Muslims, Female and male, workers and visitors, Foreigners or Palestinian inherent.

In addition of having this Magnetic Card that gives you the permit to access to Jerusalem, you have to apply for a permission paper, which you can have it only under the terms of "illness and you need hospital, or formal occasions to pray in the holy Jerusalem." This permission paper gives you the right to be in Jerusalem or in Israel for a limited time and specific days and places. This permission paper looks like this.

Permission paper- Enass/an-nathra 31 dec 2009

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* First photo for Israel checkpoint -Paolo Cuttitta palestine/flickr  
* Second photo for Magnetic Israeli identity badges- Enass/an-nathra 31 dec 2009
* Third phtot for Magnetic Israeli identity badges- Enass/an-nathra 31 dec 2009
* Fourth photo for Permission paper- Enass/an-nathra 31 dec 2009 

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