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مارس 05، 2010

Karama: New Perspective for young people and women in Palestine

مؤسسة كرامة
Karama organization which is located in Dehiesha refugee camp in Bethlehem and was established in 2002 is considered to be one of the effective institutions for women and children support and development.

 Karama which means “dignity” aims to encourage children to show their abilities, know their rights and defend them. It is a very safe and peaceful place for them, since Karama has a lot of useful activities that children can participate in, for example, they teach children the Palestinian Dabkeh, in addition to music, sports, photography and many other interesting activities. This is especially important because Palestinian children need these activities for they can’t find a better place to go into, because of the Israeli occupation which turns our city into a big prison. In an interview with one of the organization’s representative Lo’ay Adul Ghaffar, he says “we are trying to help children who are in need for Academic, psychological, or economic help. This would bring them self- confidence and a feeling of trust and hope; indeed many of them have become much better”.
 نساء يتلقين دورة حاسوب في المؤسسةThe organization is also concerned in women issues. Their target is centered on women who don’t have a job, just sitting in their houses taking care of their children. “we are interested in those women because mostly they don’t get their rights fairly” says abdel-Ghaffar. So, Karama has made a program to help illiterate mothers to complete their education, some of them now are completing their study in University.  Actually, this is a very important step in their lives since they would be able to enhance their roles in society. Karama also has prepared computer courses for those women.

Students getting academic helpRecently, Karama has signed a cooperation agreement with the UNRWA, in order to improve academic achievement for students who have learning difficulties. Sixteen schools were chosen  from Bethlehem and Hebron at a rate of 18 students from each class in a weekly program includes 9 lessons. The program contains three sections, academic, psychological and entertainment for these students. Students who show improvement in their grades will get prizes, so that it encourages them to be better.

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