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مارس 08، 2010

"What a lucky girl who get beaten by her men"

I wondered at the first, why does she allow her little brother to hit her... The response was ready:

"That’s how we raised, that’s how all the girls in the village, my brothers always hit me and my mother was silenced and do not say anything, and if I complained, Answer a quick response which is always ready" what a lucky girl who get beaten by her men, and here I am still alive."
 Repeating the same thing to her daughter, a cycle of violence in its orbit the majority of women in the village -if not all of them-. For how long women will remain battered by women themselves? Are the bad habits will remain in control of the minds of men and women of the community?.
 She was crying, afraid of telling me something, she did not accept to mention her name, and all this fear of her younger brother, who is not fifteen yet, which is three years younger than her, and when I spoke with her, she said:
"He wakes up late, and starts screaming at me if breakfast was not ready, because it is my last year in school, I have to study, and in spite of this, house jobs is my responsibility alone. He comes to the house and throw his belongings at random, but he refuses to help in anything. When he get anger with me he catch me by my hair and strongly hit me to the ground, and holding a stick and starts hitting me and screaming at me, and when I go to my mother complaining to her she say: "Forgive this, this will raise you right, what a lucky girl who get beaten by her men", I go my room to cry alone, I do not know to whom to complain".
So, who gave this young boy the right to hit her? Will this flower transfer the same words to her daughter? Is it really right as we’ve been taught by habits ", what a lucky girl who get beaten by her men"??

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  1. قبل ما نحكي "بعين الله"
    نحكي عينو انفسكم وتحركو .. أقصد بأنفسكم .. يا جماهير

  2. نعم صحيح حكيك ، الكتابة عن الموضوع ونشره نوع من الحركة وهيك احنا منتحرك لمى نكشف هاي القصص المخبية والي ما حد بعرفها،والمطلوب من الناس انهم لمى يشفو قصص زي هيك ما يسكتو عنها بالعكس يحكوها ويحددو الغلط فيها ويحلو .
    والحل دائما بكون عندي الاهل اولا في التربية وعدم التميز ، وما ناخد العادات السيئة من اجدادنا ونعلمها لولادنا بعدين بصير دور المجتمع في عدم التميز والمساواة والعدالة .