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أكتوبر 02، 2011

The French General Council visits Women Media and Development Association

French Consul visits Tam / Rasha Mousa

A visit to Women Media and Development Association was paid on Thursday 27.09.2011 by the French General Council Fredrick Riveneo accompanied by the consultant of Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Mr. Yenwa Tade and the responsible of Audio-Visual in the French Council. Kifah Salah, a representative of the association board, Ahlam Al-Wahsh head of federation of women, and the executive manager of Tam were at reception of them in Tam office.

  During the visit, the parties signed a contract between The French Council, The International French Channel, and Tam, which An-nathra blog took an important part of it. The visit also included a tour in the association facilities in its new building, where the staff presented TAM’s programs and projects for the years 2011 and 2012.

The three parties agreed on the importance of joining women from Gaza strip in TAM’s activities and programs, especially when related to electronic media. The French General Council assured that projects in rural and marginalized location especially in C area and Jerusalem are highly important for the French Council.
Worth mentioning that Tam and the French Council are partners since the foundation of Tam in 2004. Ms. Farraj declared that the relationship between Tam and the French Council is a strong partnership since the French Council was the first official body to support and develop TAM, and is so, till this moment.

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