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نوفمبر 02، 2011

Palestinian membership in UNESCO Threats Peace Process!!

Palestinian membership in UNESCO/by wall in Palestine/ Flickr

‎14 states were against the approval of a Palestinian full membership in UNESCO… Yet, and of course not a coincidence, those are mostly the same who rush to support revolted Arab countries against their governors , and are strongly ready to defend their rights and bring them peace and freedom, claiming good intentions, in any possible way! .. What a contradiction, how stupid we are if we believe they could be our “redeemers” !!

Arabs nowadays, and after the revolution that has strongly changed their lives, aspects and way of thinking, are concerned about their lands. Some believe that people are aware of what they are doing, and where they are going. However, some start to believe that all of what's happening in the middle-east is nothing but a collusion !

Meanwhile, US decided to cut funds to UNESCO because Palestine was confirmed to have a full membership, which makes Palestinians not just skeptical of United States intentions but are sure that United States supports Israel, and both of them don't really want peace with Palestinians. Former secretary of states, Condoleezza Rice declares that Palestinian membership in UNESCO would harm UNESCO.. How is that? Is Palestine that dangerous on United States and Israel Security?  How is being a member in such an international organization would harm UNESCO, and cause detriment to peace process?!   

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  1. It's a good step towards the future, and I think she made clear to the world that the U.S. is only a mother's Aseraúal supported and stands at her side every step she make, and this is clear evidence of this.

  2. we're still waiting, we've waited for so long. but we will stand still forever waiting, and that's what they don't want.
    thank you Dear Bushra