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فبراير 26، 2010

Fatima "The Slave Doesn't Riase Free People"

 “You have to shut up and only listen, it is sufficient to study the end of ninth grade, no legacy for girls.” These concepts are part of the habits and traditions prevailing in the Palestinian society, despite the rise of some women's experiences. Such as: Samiha Khalil "ran in election against Yasser Arafat", Hind Al-Husseini, "director of the Arab Children's House" and "Family recovery association", and Maha Nassar, "President of the Federation Palestinian women committees", and there are other women still walk the same path. An-nathra blog has worked to take the testimony of Ms. Fatima Al-Khalidi, a modern feminist activist in the old-line village.

A refugee from a village called "Aqer", moved to Jerusalem to work and study at the same time, not accepted by society at that time because she was a girl who lived alone. Then she got married and moved with her husband to an area considered one of the most marginalized areas, where violence by the occupation and settlement, which supports directly or indirectly social violence. Fatima lived in the village of Qarawah Bani Hassan and started many projects have been rejected by the people of the village, such as: the establishment of a kindergarten, while they didn’t let their children to go to it, however, the kindergarten continued so far, it’s called "the kindergarten of Independence", and when we talked with Fatima to tell us more about the village she said:
"There is no role for women in this village, it is rare to see a woman walk in the street, and if there is, she would be old, a little girl, or with her husband, and this isn’t everything, the girl is not allowed to go out to visit her friends. Worse than that it is her marriage at the age of very small, she is just about fifteen, she is convinced to do so, she’s told that she would not get married if she get older, and getting old mean she become 19 or 20, In fact, if she exceeded twenty-year-old she is been married to any person who, in their opinion, it is important to conceal her, this does not occur only in the house of her husband".
" And complement: "There are still some girls who are forced to marry, as there is no right for a girl take a decision without reference to their parents, and if they were married, her husband will decide for her, she remains so until her death, her opinion is not taken, the slave does not raise Independents."
Fatima decided to go out and work to raise awareness and support of women, received a lot of strikes, Where she was the criticized and rejected and insulted by society, they looked at her as she is the devil who calls for the dissolution of congenital. and they spoke about her in Mosques, and barred the women from supporting her. She did not despair, but Continued struggling, and received support from some women and men from another nearby villages. She was and remains the first woman who built an Association for women in the province "Women for Life Association”. Fatima is no longer alone, she’s surounded by a number of women who support her. So, she succeeded in spreading her ideology and to assist women in many cases of their lives, " Fatima now wondering about the role of men in support?
"My husband refused my work and separated from me, I raised my five children in a community of ruthless, and does not accept a woman lives alone, but I proved myself, and cotinued my work with the support of a good number of women, and a little number men"
 Fatima remained in the village, and has been active and appeared successfully and strongly, she was a strong woman and capable of completing the route has initiated, and increased people's respect and appreciation to her, and continue to help women in need, they do not accept less "dreams and implement". 

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