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سبتمبر 12، 2011

Sweet September

Taken by: Bushra Farraj / Bethlehem
 What will September bring to Palestinian people?

Before being – if accurate- a recognition to the Palestinian state, going to UN is basically and essentially recognition of Israeli state. It’s as if we were going to UN to let the world know that Israel has the right to exist on the Palestinian land.  Our problem will categorized as a problem between two states on some land on boarders.
The thing is our leadership prejudice and assumption that their decision is previously agreed on by Palestinians is proved to be wrong. They didn’t ask people what they really want, what they think and what they aspire. As simple as it is, they just have taken the decision and start implementation, taking in consideration that it’s unable to be rejected or at least refuted.
Whereas, anyone can easily recognize that Palestinian people are against September recognition since most of them realize its dangerous affects on the Palestinian cause. As a result, this is not a people choice; people realize that the declaration of Palestinian statehood would harm more than benefit their issue. What about millions of refugees who have waited 63 years detached from their land, suffer and tolerate the hard circumstances to finally hear of their land divided into two, and their share out of it is NOTHING.

Away from our opinions and views, Let us face it, we all know that USA have the right to Veto and will inevitably use it, what are we going to do when this happen? Why people look at September to be a critical phase in Palestinian Cause lifetime whereas it’s utterly useless?!
Aren’t we saturated of lying to ourselves?!

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  1. Bushra Dear, you are completely right. No one knows what we are going through, but ourselves. We live in despair, and denial, so truely we are lying to ourselves?!
    And the Prove is that we passed through Billions of suggestions like those USA are STILL giving but still living in camps and still living the same grieving feelings for ourselves and our land but even more.
    So Please someone to convince me about a good solution !! ? what shall we do, if always USA and Israel the (old Brother and the younger ) are doing tricks and playing bad games, no matter what we do ?

    i fed up - enough is enough- so please do this (Due in September) quickly. and tell us the results.

  2. Self denial is the best word that could express our depressed present..
    The result is bullshit dear believe me
    thanks for your nice presence